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Find value in conversations and create winning strategies
Treat the customers of nu4PET with care, as if they were their own customers
More than 70% of customer's problems solved through automatic services.
Since the "Customized Pet Feeding" is a new market concept, most of the customers will personally receive customer's service prior to the purchase, and purchase the product only after having fully understood the information. This cooperation with 8 is an opportunity to improve the service effectiveness and customer satisfaction through automated mechanisms aimed to accelerate the shopping process.

During the cooperation process, the 8 team will not only fully understand our required specifications, but will also stand in the user's position and repeatedly simulates and scrutinizes various usage scenarios, considering the optimization of the process flow of each link and the use of appropriate words. We have the strong confidence in a new generation of on-line users service and of a marketing layout.
Founder, CEO 陳錦泰(大新)
8 cares about users’ experience every bit as much as Greenvines
Our collaboration with 8 exceeded expectations, increasing our Facebook traffic sixfold.
Although we only had broad strokes during our first meeting, the team from 8 had already pinpointed our issues and prepared case studies and possible solutions. Their rapid response and attentiveness to our needs and questions show that, just like Greenvines, they care every bit as much as we do about creating a wonderful user experience. New chatbot technology allows us to build a warm, nurturing relationship with more customers in the future.
Digital Marketing Team
Creative use of social media marketing
This heartwarming and effective marketing tool reaches more loyal customers in a short amount of time!
Working together with 8 and using messaging chatbots allowed my new book launch to gain exponential exposure! I was able to interact with fans and provide a more personalized experience over traditional advertising. This tool is invaluable in helping advertisers and marketing teams find inventive ways for audience interaction. Messages crafted toward the audience will make them feel special and appreciated, ultimately guiding them towards promotional events and purchases.
Founder, Era Ogilvy PR.
Olive Ting
I wholeheartedly recommend 8
With 8’s cross-platform management framework, I’m able to track the efficacy of every step of the process!
8 allows us to compile and integrate customer profiles and use them efficiently in marketing and customer relations. We can build connections with large numbers of new customers attracted through promotional events. What’s more, our business partners can provide services more suited to customer needs.
Cheese Duke
CEO James
已有許多客戶選擇了 8 的服務,您呢?
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